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Kayamanan Ng Lahi (KNL) offers weekly workshops for adults and children as part of its cultural program. In addition to teaching the technical and artistic side of Philippine folk dance and music, KNL also teaches the background, history and context of the dance/music as well as the region and people from which the dance/music originates. KNL's teachings are based on anthropological research, providing a strong and appropriate foundation for the translation of the folk material from "village" to the folkloric material to the "stage".

Workshop Class Descriptions

"Pamana" is the Tagalog word for "legacy", an appropriate name for the younger members' class of KNL who are just beginning to learn about Philippine dance and music. "Sayawit" is a combination of the Tagalog words "sayaw" meaning dance, and "awit" meaning song - the class name for the teen/adult class. The classes are separated as follows:

Pamana Class:

Basics course for grade to middle school-aged children. Intended for all levels of ability. Geared to learn as well as have fun.

Junior Sayawit:
Intermediate course for children or teenagers who have "graduated" from the Pamana class and/or have Philippine dance background.

Sayawit Basics I:
Beginning class for high school-aged teen and adults. It is a mandatory pre-requesite for all new KNL teen/adult members to take this six-week course (taken one time only).

Sayawit Basics II:
Ongoing training class for all levels of Sayawit members that teaches specific Filipino dance movements, figures and terminology. A required class for those wishing to perform.

Master Class:
Ongoing intermediate/advanced training class for Sayawit members that teaches "standard" show numbers. Includes choral training. A required class for those wishing to perform.



Please register by completing the following steps:

1) Submit a Registration Form (one per individual)

2) Request to join our Facebook Group for KNL Members. (all schedules, locations, and additional info will be posted there).

For any additional questions, please email KNL at for more information on workshop registration.


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